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Celebrate The Century 1950s Commemorative Stamp Souvenir Sheet

Celebrate The Century 1950s Commemorative Stamp Souvenir Sheet

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The Celebrate The Century: 1950s Commemorative Stamp Souvenir Sheet was issued on May 26, 1999 with fifteen 33 cent stamps. The souvenir sheet features 1950s subjects from popular culture, including the ever popular Lucy and Ricky stamp scene.

The fifteen commemorative stamps in this sheet are titled: Polio Vaccine Developed; Teen Fashions; The "Shot Heard Round The World"; US Launches Satellites; The Korean War; Desegregating Public Schools; Tail Fins and Chrome; Dr. Seuss "The Cat In The Hat"; Drive-In Movies; World Series Rivals; Rocky Marciano, Undefeated; I Love Lucy; Rock'n' Roll; Stock Car Racing; and Movies Go 3-D.

This is a must not only for I Love Lucy stamp collectors, but for any avid stamp collector! Grab this while you can!

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