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Retired I Love Lucy Game by Talicor

Retired I Love Lucy Game by Talicor

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Vintage I Love Lucy board game in box sealed with plastic wrap.  For ages 8 to adult.  For 2 to 4 players. 

Fun-filled situations abound as players pursue one another along the colorful game path exchanging money, characters and laughter as some of the crazier moments from the TV show are portrayed.  Players may be directed to imitate Lucy modeling at the Hollywood Wives Fashion Show or even Ricky singing "Babalu"!

About the I Love Lucy Game's creator:  Celia Weiner

In the summer of 1986, while on hiatus from her position as a television music and motion picture editor, Celia Weiner thought about legends in the television and motion picture industries.  Her favorite was Lucille Ball, especially as Lucy Ricardo in the classic TV series, "I Love Lucy"

Celia wanted to develop an idea to enable Miss Ball's public to have a good time remembering their favorite show.  She proceeded to video tape all of the "I Love Lucy" episodes, shown on a daily basis in the Los Angeles area, to research the possibility of creating a board game.  After approximately six months of developing the game and having groups of friends and fans play it, some revisions to Celia's original ideas were made and the I Love Lucy game was completed.  This product was developed in cooperation with CBS Entertainment Inc and and Lucille Ball Productions.

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