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I Love Lucy Trivia Contest Archive

Past Questions and Answers:

December 2017

Q,  This is a two-part question: What was the date that the ‘I Love Lucy Christmas Episode’ first aired? This episode was not seen again until what date (hint, it was shown in honor of Lucille Ball after her death)?

A: The I Love Lucy Christmas show first aired on December 24, 1956. It was not shown again until December 18, 1989

Winner: Patti Daniels

November 2017

Q.  Before the show aired and they finally settled on the names of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, what were they going to originally call the famous couple? 

A: Lucy and Larry Lopez

Winner: Cathy Howson 

October 2017

1.   What was Lucille Ball’s nickname inscribed on the Lucille Ball Plaque?  
2.   What episode is Lucy’s picture taken from that is printed on the Lucy Glitter Tumbler?
3.   Located on the ‘Vintage’ page, list one item that came out in 1953?
4.   On the ‘Mattel Dolls’ page, from what episode is the first doll on the 4th row?
5.   What is the name of the sheet music found on the ‘Comic Books, Magazine Covers and Printed Material’ page?

1.  Technicolor Tessie
2.  "Lucy Tells The Truth"
3.  TV Guide or Little Ricky Buggy
4.  "Lucy Does A TV Commercial"

5.  "Hey, Look Me Over" 

Winner: All those that played October's Trivia Contest received a 10% off coupon for the entire month of October

September 2017

Q: Please go to our calendar page (, and locate the second calendar in the first row. What episode is this picture taken from?

A: Pioneer Woman

Winner: Pawla Chaumet

August 2017

Q: What item did Lucille Ball receive a lifetime supply, and who sent the item?

A: Lifetime supply of Henna given to her from a Shiek

Winner: Ann James

July 2017

Q: What extremely popular TV Series did Lucille Ball save from the chopping black by overruling her Desilu Production Company's Board Members to proceed to fund the newly developed show?

A: Star Trek

Winner: Brenda Benavidez

June 2017

Q: What was the stage name Lucille Ball used when she first started on Broadway?

A: Diane/Dianne Belmont

Winner: Brittany Cook

April/May 2017

Q: I Love Lucy almost never made it to air because CBS ha trouble securing a sponsor for the show. Which company was finally secured as the sponsor?

A: Philip Morris

Winner: Rebekah Kaser

March 2017

Q: What was "Desi" short for?

A: Desidero

Winner: Flower Child


February 2017

Q: When was the only time William Frawley would take time off from work?  

A:  When the Yankees were in the World Series 

Winner:  David Hogan


October 2016

Q: October 15, 2016, marks the 65th anniversary of what special event in Lucy history?

A: The debut of I Love Lucy on CBS

Winner: Karen Felker


September 2016

Q Where did the I Love Lucy character names "Fred and Ethel" originate from? 

A: The names Fred and Ethel were created by taking the first name of Lucy's brother, Fred, and the first name of Lucy's good friend, Broadway star Ethel Merman.

Winner: Veronica Murdoch


August 2016

Q: In "Ricky Thinks He is Getting Bald," what are the 4 ingredients Lucy uses in his scalp treatment?

A: Mustard plaster, oil, vinegar & eggs

Winner: Tara


July 2016

Q: In the episode, "The Diet," how many pounds did Lucy try to lose in 5 days?

A: 12 Pounds

Winner: Sandy Staymate


May/June 2016

Q: On what date did the final episode of "I Love Lucy" air?  What was the name of that episode?

A:  May 6, 1957 - The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue

Winner: Lacie Reece


April 2016

Q: What is the name of the Women's Club to which Lucy and Ethel belong?

A: Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League

Winner: Elena Gonzalez


March 2016

Q: What is the name of the movie Lucy is asked to appear in while visiting Italy?

A: Bitter Grapes

Winner: Sonia Cruz


January/February 2016

Q: What is the name of the real candy factory where Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance trained for the "Job Switching" episode?

A: See's Candies

Winner: Bill King


November/December 2015

Q: This magnet is available in the magnets section of What is the name of the episode this scene is from?

A: The Benefit

Winner: Robert Kerns


October 2015

Q: If you visit the costume section of, you will see that we sell this adorable blue polka dot dress costume.  What is the name of the episode in which Lucy wore this dress? 

A: Sales Resistance

Winner: Joyce Mart


September 2015

Q:  In season 2, while cleaning the hall closet, Lucy finds an unfinished love letter written to her old boyfriend. What was the boyfriend's name?

A: Tom Henderson

Winner: Sophia


July 2015

Q: What episode is this stamp from?  

A: Bonus Bucks

Winner: Jessica Hall


June 2015

Q: What name did the I Love Lucy producers originally want to give Ricky Ricardo's character?

A: Larry Lopez

Winner: Elena Gonzalez


May 2015

Q: What is the street address of the Ricardo's Manhattan apartment? Note: it is a fictitious address.

A: 623 East 68th Street

Winner: Amanda Ansley


April 2015

Q: In season 3, the Mertzes and the Ricardos purchase a diner together.  After a disagreement, they split the diner down the middle -- what were the names of the two halves of the diner?

A: Little Bit of Cuba and Big Hunk of America

Winner: Maureen Spina


March 2015

Q: In season 4, Fred is reunited with his old vaudeville partner, Barney Kurtz.  What was the name of their old act?

A: "Laughs 'till it Hurts with Mertz and Kurtz"

Winner:  Karen Migasi


January/February 2015

Q: What name does Lucy give her cheese "baby" on the flight home from Europe?

A: Chester (she inadvertently says "cheddar" at first)

Winner:  Rachel Strine


November/December 2014

Q: Name the episode that this stamp is from.

A: Pioneer Women

Winner: Rhea Pillai


October 2014

Q: In "Ricky has Labor Pains," Lucy and Ethel disguise themselves as reporters to crash Ricky's daddy shower.  What were their "reporter" names? 

A: Pete and Sam

Winner: Art Strickland


September 2014

Q: In Season 1, episode 5, what is Lucy's unconventional method for selecting which bills to pay each month?

A: She throws them all up in the air, and those that land face-up are the "winners" so they get paid.

Winner: Brenda Morris


August 2014

Q: There are two parts to this question: In season 6, what is the name of the gray-haired lady who Lucy and Ethel hitch a ride with to Florida?   Who do they think she really is?

A: a) Mrs. Grundy; b) The infamous hatchet murderer, Evelyn Holmby

Winner: Colleen Peacock


July 2014

 Q: In season 4, Ricky mistakenly believes Lucy is playing the stock market. What is the name of the stock he thinks she invested in?

A: Canadian Allied Petroleum (Can All Pet)

Winner: Cindy Dunn


June 2014

Q: In "Lucy Hires an English Tutor," the tutor tells the Ricardos that they should never use the word "okay" or two other words.  What are the two other words they should never use?

A: Swell and lousy

Winner: Marcie Holben


May 2014

Q: In Season 4, Lucy gets a "Loving Cup" stuck on her head.  Who was Ricky supposed to present the Loving Cup to later that evening?

A: Johnny Longden

Winner: Sheila Korman 


April 2014

Q: In "L.A. at Last" Lucy, Ethel, and Fred have lunch at the Brown Derby.  Who are the two movie stars they see that do not appear on camera?

A: Carey Grant and Gregory Peck

Winner: Sally Campbell


March 2014

Q: According to Ricky and Fred, when playing golf, if you fail to hit the ball after your first three strokes, you must pick up the ball and throw it under your left leg. What did they call this?

A: A dormie

Winner:  Leeta Annitti 


February 2014

Q: What was Ethel Mertz's middle name?

A: Throughout the series, Ethel had 3 different middle names:

1) Louise in "Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress"
2) Roberta in "The Million-Dollar Idea"
3) Mae in "Ethel's Hometown"

Winner: Marla Kozlak


January 2014

Q: In the episode, "Getting Ready," Ethel is lamenting the fact that she never gets to go anywhere when Fred reminds her that she once took a "lovely trip" to Minnesota. Why did she go to Minnesota?

A: Ethel went to Mayo Brothers in Minnesota to have her gallstones removed.

Winner: Tracy Greco


December 2013

Q: What episode of I Love Lucy only aired once and wasn't originally syndicated, and therefore was never seen again until recently?

A: "The Christmas Special"

Winner:  Maria Scalia


November 2013

Q: In season 6, Lucy meets Orson Welles while shopping in Macy's.  What was Lucy shopping for?

A: Lucy was buying Scuba Diving Equipment

Winner: Liz Marie Gomez


October 2013

Q: In "Ricky Loses his Temper," Lucy bets Ricky that she can go longer without buying a hat than he can go without losing his temper.  How much money did they bet?

A: $49.50 -- the cost of the hat

Winner: Peter Myshkevich


September 2013:

Q: In season 3, what were Lucy and Ethel trying to sell on TV to "get rich quick"? 

A: Aunt Martha'a Old Fashioned Salad Dressing

Winner:  Karen Zavislak


August 2013:

Q: In season 4, Lucy picks out an ugly pair of “hostess pants” for Fred to give Ethel for her birthday.  What gift did Ethel really want?

A: Toaster

Winner:  MaureenSpina


July 2013:

Q: What magazine is Lucy seen reading in the episode, "Ricky Has Labor Pains"?

A: McCalls (the issue includes an article about "I Love Lucy" written by Desi Arnaz)

Winner: Tabitha Olson