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I Love Lucy Collectibles

I Love Lucy collectible memorabilia from vintage items to coin sets to commemorative stamps and postage are heirlooms you will cherish for years and pass to the Lucy fans in your family.  

Take pride in collecting these beautiful Lucy pieces and enjoying them for years to come.

Related Categories
Creative and collectible, I Love Lucy postage stamps make the ultimate collector’s item or gift for the avid Lucy fan.
Treasure these beautiful, sometimes rare cards as time passes, and enjoy trading them in order to make complete sets.
Collectible I Love Lucy Mattel Barbie dolls make perfect collector's items and play things for the avid Lucy fan.
I Love Lucy collector plates are beautiful to display and enjoyable to collect. Select from among different series of Lucy plate collections, all of which are no longer available from the manufacturer
I Love Lucy Comic Books and magazine covers from the 1950s to the 2000s, featuring unique artwork and original content. Great for collecting or for your reading enjoyment.
Treasure the good old days with vintage I Love Lucy collectibles. Authentic and timeless, these collector’s items long to be nestled in the collection of an avid Lucille Ball fan.

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