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Lucille Ball's Timeline for June

Here for your reading pleasure.... it's the... JUNE TIMELINE

"And what is so rare as a day in June?" -James Russell Lowell

Birthstone: Pearl (healing)
Flower: Rose    Every color rose has a different meaning - red/white together means unity; yellow is joy; pink is grace; red alone means i love you

May/June 1940 - Lucy and Desi meet on set of `Too Many Girls'

June 2004: - "Sales Resistance" Lucy doll available
June 1959: - Go Johnny Go (movie) released, with several "extras" from I Love Lucy, and a character named Mrs. MacGillicuddy!

June 1, 1796 - Tennessee became 16th state.  Wonder how old Bent Fork is? We know the population is 54
1, 1926 - Andy Griffith was born - he & Marilyn Monroe born same day, year!  It would have been cool to have MM drop in on Mayberry...
1, 1926 - Marilyn Monroe born.  Do you remember how Lucy imitated her, and how many times her name is mentioned on I Love Lucy?
1, 1953 - "Lucy Wants New Furniture" airs
1, 1971 - Ed Sullivan does his last show
2, 1890 - Hedda Hopper born (or 1885) This should be "wear a crazy hat" day
2, 1950 - Lucy and Desi's vaudeville tour opens in Balaban & Katz's Chicago Theatre
2, 1952 - "Lucy Thinks Ricky's Getting Bald" airs
3, 1911 - Miss Hannah! (Ellen Corby) born
3, 1952 - Look magazine article: "Laughing Lucille"
4, 1939 - First grocery store cart introduced. (How else could Lucy and Ethel deliver Martha's Old-Fashioned? )
4, 1967 - Lucille Ball wins an Emmy for Outstanding Continued Performance in a leading role in a comedy series
5 1928 - Robert Lansing born. Was on TV show "Automan" with Desi Jr.
6, 1933 - First drive-in to show movies "Wife Beware" (Camden, NJ)
6, 1944 - D-Day
7, 1996 - Max Factor Jr. dies
8, 1869 - Vacuum cleaner patented(what would Lucy do without her handy dandy vacuum cleaner?)
8, 1918 - Robert Preston born.  He was in `Mame' with Lucy
8, 1953 - "The Camping Trip" airs
8, 1959 - "Lucy's Summer Vacation" airs
9, 1891 - Cole Porter born.  He wrote the song `Friendship'. He is buried in Peru, Indiana, where a Cole Porter festival is held each June
9, 1952 - "Ricky Asks for a Raise" airs
10, 1908 - Bob Cummings born. Lucy and Ethel met him in Japan. Wonder how much those pearls are worth now? (Wish I had a pair.)
10, 1926 - June Haver born (Mrs. Fred MacMurray)
11, 1979 - John Wayne dies (cancer) Oh, John, where are you when we need ya?
11, 1985 - Final "The Lucie Arnaz Show"
12, 1959 - "The Horse Soldiers" with John Wayne, William Holden, released
13, 1912 - Mary Wickes born (her unmistakable voice was heard
one last time in the Disney cartoon
"Hunchback of Notre Dame")
13, 1967 - You Only Live Twice (007) is released, with
SPECTRE villian Mr. Osato (same character name
on Ricardos Go to Japan, both played by Teru Shimada!
He sold Lucy her pearls in 1959, but by 1967, wanted
to kill 007.)
14, 1887 - Flag day is observed for the first time
14, 1948 - TV Guide begins---60 years in 2008
15, 1844 - Charles Goodyear received a patent for his process to
strengthen rubber. Wonder if Lucy and Ethel knew this
when they were changing Edna Lanchester's tire on the way to Florida?
16, 1959 - George (Superman) Reeves dies :( at age 45
17, 1917 - Dean Martin born (his daughter Deana's book about him is great)
18, 1897 - Kay Kyser born (Lucy was in his movie "That's
Right You're Wrong" (1939))
18, 1917 - Ross Elliott born in NYC [director of Lucy's vitameatavegamin]
19, 1897 - Moe Howard of the Three Stooges is born in Brooklyn
They did a short with Lucy in it "Three Little Pigskins"
19, 1949 - Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz remarry in Catholic ceremony performed by Father Michael Hurley at Our Lady of the Valley Church in Chatsworth

15, 2008 - Father's Day in USA
20, 1989 - Teresa Tirelli D'Amico dies (was in
grape-stomping scene with Lucy); did a Godfather movie.
21, 1961 - "The Parent Trap" released. (shown to Lucy and Desi by their children many times in hopes of getting them back together) Still love to watch it.
22, 1953 - "Ricky and Fred are TV Fans" airs
23, 1846 - Saxophone is patented (glow little gloworm....)
23, 1889 - First issue Wall Street Journal (Is All-Pet listed?)
23, 1983 - Lucy interview in Rolling Stone. Some great pictures
of Lucy in red
23, 2006 - Aaron Spelling dies at age 83 from a stroke.  He was the gas-station attendant in "Tennessee Bound"
24, 1987 - Jackie Gleason goes to that great stage in the sky.
Ralph Kramden lives on in black and white.
25, 1951 - First color tv broadcast (Arthur Godfrey)
26, 1819 - Bicycle patented. (How else could Lucy and
company have tooled around Europe?)
27, 1889 - Moroni Olsen born (in Ogden, Utah, home of
the Moroni Olsen Players
(judge in "The Courtroom" & man Nicki (Desi)
tells story to in Long, Long Trailer)
27, 1955 - Phillip Morris drops I Love Lucy
28, 1946 - Gilda Radner born (admirer of Lucy, who sent
Lucy flowers when both were in the hospital;
in Sat Nite Live sketch as Lucy Ricardo)
28, 1954 - Fred MacMurray and June Haver wed; now together 4-ever
29, 1953 - "Never Do Business with Friends" airs
29, 1995 - Lana "sweater girl" Turner dies. (Lucy Ricardo tried to get
discovered like her, at Schwab's Drugstore)
Drink a malted in her honor today.
(Or wear a tight sweater if you're brave enough.)
29, 2000 - Richard Widmark's Biography premieres on A&E
30, 1995 - Gale Gordon dies at age 89

** **
-Hedda *****
[Nancy S.] ***

updated 5/29/08

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