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Lucy Gets In Pictures (Showgirl)

Season 4; Episode 116 aired February 21, 1955. 

While the foursome is in Hollywood, Ricky discovers that Lucy is pretending to her New York friends that she's going to be in a movie. Since no one discovered her, Lucy reveals she cannot go back to New York and face her friends. Ricky says he'll try and call a director at Metro and see if they can give Lucy a little part. On the movie set, she's dressed as a show girl and when Ricky introduces Lucy to the director, Frank Williams, he describes her part as being the star of a nightclub sequence who's killed as she's descending the stairs. Lucy messes up with a heavy head dress on and trips down the steps, however, the director allows her to be discovered dead as the scene opens. But, the direct won't let her be a dead person who's face up, into the camera, but instead, a woman covered with a sheet.  Lucy puts her name on her shoes so her friends back home will know this is Lucy (in the movies)!

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