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Episode 3, "Be A Pal" features Lucy dressed like the iconic Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda, who was best known for her flamboyant headress of real fruit and platform sandals.
Lucy almost kills herself as she walks the narrow window ledge from the Mertzes apartment dressed as superman. Shop for all "Lucy As Superman" episode products here.
Possibly the most famous episode from the 6 year showing of I Love Lucy, Season 1 Episode 30, "Lucy Does A Commercial" is a TV classic. See Lucy promoting that tasty health tonic, Vitameatavegamin.
These themed items all feature Lucy in that classic I Love Lucy episode where she stomped grapes with her feet.
Whether its a chef hat or salt and pepper shakers, you will find all of the Chocolate Factory items here. Because Job Switching was such a TV favorite, many items are available in this theme.
One of the most iconic scenes in television history is our favorite foursome in the car on their way to Hollywood, California from I Love Lucy Season 4, Episode 110 which aired on January 10, 1955.
Lucy is terrified while the Italian knife thrower begins throwing knives all around her head. That's what happens when Lucy doesn't tell the truth.
Lucy's fake putty nose catching on fire is the hallmark scene from this popular I Love Lucy episode from Season 4.
From season two of I Love Lucy, episode 50, Lucy informs Ricky that she is pregnant. The ended up writing the pregnancy into the show, which was initially opposed by the producers of the show. Only
From Season 4, episode 116, Lucy is dress up like a showgirl hoping to make it into a movie for all of her New York friends to see.
Here's Lucy in her adorable pink tutu at Madame LeMond's dance school straight from Season 1 Episode 19, The Ballet.
Lucy has a hard time resisting the Salesman...what will she buy next. Ricky must intervene, but does is he successful?

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