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Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra: Babalu CD

Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra: Babalu CD

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This Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra: Babalu CD was released by RCA in 1996. No longer in print, this CD features Mambo music from the famed artist. CD is in excellent condition with Jewel jacket showing very minimal scratching.

Tracks Include:

Track Listing
1. Babalu
2. from the film "The Time) Through a Thousand Dreams - (The Place And The Girl"
3. Siboney
4. Cuban Pete
5. Made for Each Other :: Tu Felicidad
6. Tico-Tico
7. I'll Take the Rhumba
8. Carnival in Rio
9. Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) :: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Quizas
10. Guadalajara
11. Chile (Tain't Chilly at All) In Santiago
12. El - (from the film "Cuban Pete") Cumbanchero
13. Coo-Bah Ah-Bah-Nah
14. Tab£
15. Carinoso
16. Holiday in Havana - (from the film "Holiday In Havana")
17. Cuban Cabby
18. Another Night Like This - (from the film "Carnival In Costa Rica")
19. Straw Hat Song - (from the film "Holiday In Havana")
20. Good Night

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