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I Love Lucy Season 6 Complete 4 DVD Set

I Love Lucy Season 6 Complete 4 DVD Set

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Brand new still in wrapping.

This is the complete I Love Lucy 4 DVD set from Season 6. Each DVD in its own plastic case. The set features the complete 27 episode first season of I Love Lucy.  

This must-have DVD set sees the Ricardos longing for a less-hectic life in the country, so they make plans to move to rural Connecticut . . . but not before Lucy leaves The Big Apple reeling with some riotous escapades. To help further her "showbiz" aspirations, Lucy attempts to get chummy with comedian Bob Hope at a baseball game. Lucy makes a superhuman effort to have Superman (George Reeves) appear at her son's birthday. And only Lucy could somehow wind up with jockey Johnny Longden's loving cup stuck firmly on her head! Will life in rural Connecticut be more tranquil? Well, not when Lucy believes that her wedding ring has fallen into the mortar Ricky has used to build a new patio barbecue. And in one of the funniest TV episodes ever, Lucy learns the hard way that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Enjoy I Love Lucy season 6 of television's timeless, unforgettable comedy series.

Flubs; Lost scenes; Restored music; Commentary by Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky), Barbara Eden, Doris Singleton (Caroline Appleby) and writers Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Schiller; 1958 Christmas Show; Original series openings; original animation; Original cast commercials and promotional spot. 

Shown in Black and White

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