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I Love Lucy Trivia Contest Archive

Past Questions and Answers:

April 2021

Q: Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball were married on November 30, 1940. At what venue were they married?

A: Byram River Beagle Club in CT

Winner: Beatrice Snope

March 2021

Q: As a favor to producer Jess Oppenheimer, who wrote and composed the famous "I Love Lucy" theme song? This person was not credited for the music because he was, at the time, under an exclusive contract to Twentieth-Century Fox Film Corporation?

A: Eliot Daniel

Winner: Marshan Thomas

February 2021

Q: At the age of 48, how many performances did Lucille Ball star in "Wildcat," her only Broadway Show?

A: 171

Winner: Gloria Sostre

January 2021

Q: Lucille Ball earned several nicknames while working in show business. What were three nicknames she was given and earned during her many years she graced the Big Screen and TV?

A: Technicolor Tessie, The First Lady of Television, Queen of Comedy

Winner: Ernie Casciato

December 2020

Q: Vivian Vance wrote her autobiography before she died. Unfortunately, it went missing. In what year was her autobiography finally found after Vance died in 1979?

A: 1986

Winner: Ange Mancuz

November 2020

Q: After moving to New York in 1932, Vivian Vance was an understudy for who in the hit musical, Anything Goes," which co-starred Bing Crosby and Charlie Ruggles.

A: Ethel Merman

Winner: Diane Roberto

October 2020

Q: In 1948, Lucille Ball landed a role in the CBS radio program, "My Favorite Husband," which would later be parlayed into her trademark television series, I Love Lucy. What was her character's name she was given in this radio program?

A: Liz Cugat or Liz Cooper

Winner: Regina Hupert

September 2020

Q: Lucille Ball is most famous for her genius as Lucy in "I Love Lucy," which she did to perfection. However, in real life she had a no-nonsense talent as a business women. Unfortunately, she wasn't always perfect as an employee. In her early days, she worked at an ice cream store. What reason was Lucille Ball fired from her employment at this ice cream store?

A: She couldn't remember to put bananas in banana splits

Winner: Derrick Holdman

July 2020

Q: In "The Operetta," Lucy writes an Operetta for the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Area League. What was the name of the Operetta?

A: "The Pleasant Peasant"

Winner: Cynthia Hutchins

June 2020

Q:   There are a few, rare photos of both Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe together. During a benefit that was held on May 13, 1955, there is a picture of them together. What was the name of the benefit where these photos were captured?

A: Damon Runyon Cancer Fund, hosted by Walter Winchell

Winner: Wendy Reiner

May 2020

Q: What was the name of Little Ricky Jr's babysitter in I Love Lucy?

A: Matilda Trumbull

Winner: Sara Alderman

April 2020

Q: What was Desi Armaz' full given Cuban name before he shortened his name when he emigrated to America during the Cuban Revoluaton?

A: Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III

Winner: Robyn Franz

March 2020

Q: What popular classic song was William Frawley the first-ever to sing: (Hint: He sung it in 1912.)

A: My Melancholy Baby

Winner: Linda Mills

February 2020

Q: "The Lucy Show" was based on a book written by Irene Kampen. What was the title of this book?

A: "Life Without George"

Winner: Missy Krambule

January 2020

Q: In 1956, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley appeared for the first and only time together in color. What was the name of the TV special where this was first aired? 

A: In October 1956, all 4 cast members appeared on a Bob Hope special on NBC, the only time all four stars were together on a color telecast.

Winner: Whitney Bono

December 2019

Q: Lucille Ball was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards. How many of those 13 did she win?

A: 4

Winner: Stewart Savage

November 2019

Q: In what year did Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball form Desilu Productions?

A: 1950

Winner: Crista Riley

October 2019

Q: In order to keep up the illusion for young watchers of the show, in what episode and what famous actor, agreed that in the credits, instead of listing the actor's real name, the guest star's name was to be displayed as the titular character played on the episode?

A: George Reeves in the Episode "Superman" 

Winner: Stacey Herrenbone

September 2019

Q:  During the scene in "Pioneer Women," a real 8 foot long loaf of bread pops out of the oven. The producers found a NY Bakery willing to bake one, and after filming was complete, it was cup up and served to the audience. What type of bread was this?

A: Rye Bread

Winner: Jeremy Perrone

August 2019

Q: When Lucy hid dozens of eggs and then danced the tango with Ricky, rsulting in the inevitable blouse full of scrambled yolks, the audience roared for so long that it was the longest laugh on the show, and even had to be edited out in the final film. How many seconds did this laugh originally last from the audience?

A: 65 Seconds

Winner: Jessica Chaban

July 2019

Q: One tradition of the show that lasted until the very end was that every time an actor could get the audience to erupt into spontaneous applause, that person was given something after the scene. What was the item given?

A: Silver Dollar

June 2019

Q: What was the real name of the chocolate dipper that stage manager, Herb Browar, found at See's Candies on Santa Monica Boulevard to play side by side with Lucille during the taping of "Jobs Switching"?

A: Amanda Milligan

May 2019

Q: In what episode did the writers originally call for Ricky to fudge some numbers on his income tax return? Desi was extremely patriotic and did not want the audience to think that Ricky would cheat the U.S. government.

A: “Lucy Tells The Truth”

April 2019

Q: How many years younger was Vivian Vance than her TV husband, William Frawley?

A: 22 Years

Winner: Pamela Orndt

March 2019

Q: Desi Arnaz listed his height as 5' 11" in most of his official biographies. However, he often wore lifts in his shoes. What was Desi's real height?

A: 5' 9"

Winner: VIcki Silverstein

February 2019

Q: February is William Frawley’s birthday month. In what television series did he never feel comfortable with the out-of-sequence filming method used after filming I Love Lucy in sequence for years? 

A:  My Three Sons

Winner: Caroline Woolsey

January 2019

Q: All four main actors received wide-spread acclaim for their work, but which of the four NEVER received an Emmy nomination?

A: Desi Arnaz

Winner: James Candova

December 2018

Q: Desi Arnaz gave William Frawley one stipulation for getting the part of Fred Mertz. What was the stipulation that William kept in all the time filming the I Love Lucy TV Series?

A: Never missed a day and was never late

Winner: Samantha Connelly

November 2018

Q.  On 11/5/86, Lucille Ball received a prestigious award for her acting. What was the name of this award?

A: Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Lifetime Achievement Citation

Winner: Julia Proffit

October 2018

Q.  I Love Lucy was not only a talented, well scripted, extremely popular TV comedy, but it paved the path for how TV shows are filmed, even today. What real life event happened in the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz while shooting I Love Lucy that created the TV rerun to be born, which has since been a staple in the industry?

A: The Birth of their son, Desi Arnaz Jr.

Winner: Mark Finnegan

September 2018

Q. What is the current name of the real chocolate store located in Beverly Hills California, where Lucille Ball, got her idea to film “Job Switching?” This idea came when she walked in the back of the small shop and saw them making the chocolates on the conveyer belt? (FYI - The original conveyor belt that inspired Lucy is still standing in this store, and they allow tours.)

A: Edelweiss Chocolates

Winner: Angelina Parker

August 2018

Q:  What famous actress was once Lucille Ball’s roommate, and starred in several movies with John Wayne?

A: Maureen O’Hara

Winner: Julie Roebuck

July 2018

Q: Regarding the famous Vitameatavegamin commercial scene from "Lucy Does A TV Commercial" episode, what was the liquid Lucille Ball was actually drinking while fliming the scene?

A: Apple Pectin

Winner: Matthew Mcvea

June 2018

Q: Lucille Ball once stated she was concerned about making the jump from film to television, which was a new and untested medium at that time. She said she then had a dream where her deceased, famous, comedic actress appeared to her and convinced Lucille to "take a chance" with the TV gig? What famous actress appeared to Lucy in her dream?

A: Carole Lombard

Winner: Tristan McAuliff

May 2018

Q: Lucille Ball was featured on the very first ever cover of TV Guide. How many covers of TV Guide did Lucille Ball appear throughout her career?

A: 39

Winner: Renee Yarco

April 2018

Q: Whenever Lucy got herself into a crazy situation, someone off camera can be heard saying, "Uh-Oh!" Whose phantom voice is the "Uh-Oh" person that was present at every filming?

A: Lucy's mother, Desiree Evelyn Hunt

Winner: Augustine Mannix

March 2018

Q: Happy Birthday month to Desi Arnaz! What popular beverage company is associated with Desi Arnaz and his family?

A: Bacardi Rum

Winner: Bill Devore

February 2018

Q: It isn’t a secret that John Wayne and Lucille Ball were great friends in real life. This friendship extended to the I Love Lucy series, where John Wayne made an appearance in the episode, “Lucy and John Wayne.” In that episode, what newly released John Wayne movie was this episode trying to help promote?

A: “Blood Alley”

Winner: Lindsey Clendenen

January 2018

Q,  The episode of Lucy giving birth to “Little Ricky” was viewed by over what percent of all U.S. households? This episode had higher ratings than the inauguration of which U.S. President?

A: 70% of all U.S. households; Inauguration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Winner: Kimberly Eady

December 2017

Q,  This is a two-part question: What was the date that the ‘I Love Lucy Christmas Episode’ first aired? This episode was not seen again until what date (hint, it was shown in honor of Lucille Ball after her death)?

A: The I Love Lucy Christmas show first aired on December 24, 1956. It was not shown again until December 18, 1989

Winner: Patti Daniels

November 2017

Q.  Before the show aired and they finally settled on the names of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, what were they going to originally call the famous couple? 

A: Lucy and Larry Lopez

Winner: Cathy Howson 

October 2017

1.   What was Lucille Ball’s nickname inscribed on the Lucille Ball Plaque?  
2.   What episode is Lucy’s picture taken from that is printed on the Lucy Glitter Tumbler?
3.   Located on the ‘Vintage’ page, list one item that came out in 1953?
4.   On the ‘Mattel Dolls’ page, from what episode is the first doll on the 4th row?
5.   What is the name of the sheet music found on the ‘Comic Books, Magazine Covers and Printed Material’ page?

1.  Technicolor Tessie
2.  "Lucy Tells The Truth"
3.  TV Guide or Little Ricky Buggy
4.  "Lucy Does A TV Commercial"

5.  "Hey, Look Me Over" 

Winner: All those that played October's Trivia Contest received a 10% off coupon for the entire month of October

September 2017

Q: Please go to our calendar page (, and locate the second calendar in the first row. What episode is this picture taken from?

A: Pioneer Woman

Winner: Pawla Chaumet

August 2017

Q: What item did Lucille Ball receive a lifetime supply, and who sent the item?

A: Lifetime supply of Henna given to her from a Shiek

Winner: Ann James

July 2017

Q: What extremely popular TV Series did Lucille Ball save from the chopping black by overruling her Desilu Production Company's Board Members to proceed to fund the newly developed show?

A: Star Trek

Winner: Brenda Benavidez

June 2017

Q: What was the stage name Lucille Ball used when she first started on Broadway?

A: Diane/Dianne Belmont

Winner: Brittany Cook

April/May 2017

Q: I Love Lucy almost never made it to air because CBS ha trouble securing a sponsor for the show. Which company was finally secured as the sponsor?

A: Philip Morris

Winner: Rebekah Kaser

March 2017

Q: What was "Desi" short for?

A: Desidero

Winner: Flower Child


February 2017

Q: When was the only time William Frawley would take time off from work?  

A:  When the Yankees were in the World Series 

Winner:  David Hogan


October 2016

Q: October 15, 2016, marks the 65th anniversary of what special event in Lucy history?

A: The debut of I Love Lucy on CBS

Winner: Karen Felker


September 2016

Q Where did the I Love Lucy character names "Fred and Ethel" originate from? 

A: The names Fred and Ethel were created by taking the first name of Lucy's brother, Fred, and the first name of Lucy's good friend, Broadway star Ethel Merman.

Winner: Veronica Murdoch


August 2016

Q: In "Ricky Thinks He is Getting Bald," what are the 4 ingredients Lucy uses in his scalp treatment?

A: Mustard plaster, oil, vinegar & eggs

Winner: Tara


July 2016

Q: In the episode, "The Diet," how many pounds did Lucy try to lose in 5 days?

A: 12 Pounds

Winner: Sandy Staymate


May/June 2016

Q: On what date did the final episode of "I Love Lucy" air?  What was the name of that episode?

A:  May 6, 1957 - The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue

Winner: Lacie Reece


April 2016

Q: What is the name of the Women's Club to which Lucy and Ethel belong?

A: Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League

Winner: Elena Gonzalez


March 2016

Q: What is the name of the movie Lucy is asked to appear in while visiting Italy?

A: Bitter Grapes

Winner: Sonia Cruz

January/February 2016

Q: What is the name of the real candy factory where Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance trained for the "Job Switching" episode?

A: See's Candies

Winner: Bill King


November/December 2015

Q: This magnet is available in the magnets section of What is the name of the episode this scene is from?

A: The Benefit

Winner: Robert Kerns


October 2015

Q: If you visit the costume section of, you will see that we sell this adorable blue polka dot dress costume.  What is the name of the episode in which Lucy wore this dress? 

A: Sales Resistance

Winner: Joyce Mart


September 2015

Q:  In season 2, while cleaning the hall closet, Lucy finds an unfinished love letter written to her old boyfriend. What was the boyfriend's name?

A: Tom Henderson

Winner: Sophia


July 2015

Q: What episode is this stamp from?  

A: Bonus Bucks

Winner: Jessica Hall


June 2015

Q: What name did the I Love Lucy producers originally want to give Ricky Ricardo's character?

A: Larry Lopez

Winner: Elena Gonzalez


May 2015

Q: What is the street address of the Ricardo's Manhattan apartment? Note: it is a fictitious address.

A: 623 East 68th Street

Winner: Amanda Ansley

April 2015

Q: In season 3, the Mertzes and the Ricardos purchase a diner together.  After a disagreement, they split the diner down the middle -- what were the names of the two halves of the diner?

A: Little Bit of Cuba and Big Hunk of America

Winner: Maureen Spina

March 2015

Q: In season 4, Fred is reunited with his old vaudeville partner, Barney Kurtz.  What was the name of their old act?

A: "Laughs 'till it Hurts with Mertz and Kurtz"

Winner:  Karen Migasi

January/February 2015

Q: What name does Lucy give her cheese "baby" on the flight home from Europe?

A: Chester (she inadvertently says "cheddar" at first)

Winner:  Rachel Strine


November/December 2014

Q: Name the episode that this stamp is from.

A: Pioneer Women

Winner: Rhea Pillai


October 2014

Q: In "Ricky has Labor Pains," Lucy and Ethel disguise themselves as reporters to crash Ricky's daddy shower.  What were their "reporter" names? 

A: Pete and Sam

Winner: Art Strickland


September 2014

Q: In Season 1, episode 5, what is Lucy's unconventional method for selecting which bills to pay each month?

A: She throws them all up in the air, and those that land face-up are the "winners" so they get paid.

Winner: Brenda Morris


August 2014

Q: There are two parts to this question: In season 6, what is the name of the gray-haired lady who Lucy and Ethel hitch a ride with to Florida?   Who do they think she really is?

A: a) Mrs. Grundy; b) The infamous hatchet murderer, Evelyn Holmby

Winner: Colleen Peacock


July 2014

 Q: In season 4, Ricky mistakenly believes Lucy is playing the stock market. What is the name of the stock he thinks she invested in?

A: Canadian Allied Petroleum (Can All Pet)

Winner: Cindy Dunn


June 2014

Q: In "Lucy Hires an English Tutor," the tutor tells the Ricardos that they should never use the word "okay" or two other words.  What are the two other words they should never use?

A: Swell and lousy

Winner: Marcie Holben


May 2014

Q: In Season 4, Lucy gets a "Loving Cup" stuck on her head.  Who was Ricky supposed to present the Loving Cup to later that evening?

A: Johnny Longden

Winner: Sheila Korman 


April 2014

Q: In "L.A. at Last" Lucy, Ethel, and Fred have lunch at the Brown Derby.  Who are the two movie stars they see that do not appear on camera?

A: Carey Grant and Gregory Peck

Winner: Sally Campbell


March 2014

Q: According to Ricky and Fred, when playing golf, if you fail to hit the ball after your first three strokes, you must pick up the ball and throw it under your left leg. What did they call this?

A: A dormie

Winner:  Leeta Annitti 


February 2014

Q: What was Ethel Mertz's middle name?

A: Throughout the series, Ethel had 3 different middle names:

1) Louise in "Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress"
2) Roberta in "The Million-Dollar Idea"
3) Mae in "Ethel's Hometown"

Winner: Marla Kozlak