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I Love Lucy Too! Eternity Comic Book - Issue 6

I Love Lucy Too! Eternity Comic Book - Issue 6

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This Authorized Collector's Edition I Love Lucy comic book is the 6th issue of 6 featuring the I Love Lucy comic strip that began December 8, 1952 and was syndicated by King Features Syndicate to 132 newspapers.  It was written by Lawrence Nadel, who in the 1950's and early 1960's was an editor and writer at DC comics.  The comic strip was drawn by Bob Oksner using the pseudonym "Bob Lawrence."  This Issue 6 features a sepia toned cover with a picture of Lucy lovingly gazing on Little Ricky in make-up.

This comic book features the comic strips that were printed from January 27, 1955 to April 7, 1955.

Comic Book compiled in March 1991

This I Love Lucy comic book is in Excellent condition

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