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Sales Resistance

Ricky, Lucy and Ethel remember the time Lucy spent $7.98 on a useless Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper. After Ricky insists she return it for a refund, she is unable to withstand the slick salesman and buys a Handy Dandy Vacuum Cleaner for $102.60. 

When Ricky learns of her extravagant purchase, he demands its immediate return, but Lucy is scared that the salesmen's slick skills will continue to upsell her on just about anything.  Instead, she decides to unload the contraption on an unsuspecting soul, starting off with Mrs. Simpson, a gruff, untalkative housewife who lives on the next block.

Of course, she fails to get rid of the machine and returns home a bedraggled, discouraged wreck. Even "sales resistant" Ricky was unsuccessful when he tried to return the vacuum to the salesman and ends up  buying a Handy Dandy Refrigerator.

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Price: $24.95
Price: $26.95
Available with front print only, or front and back print for an additional charge. Custom Item: Please Allow 5 Business Days to Ship!
Price: $26.95
Available in sizes Small to 3XL. Image printed on front only, or front and back for an additional charge.
Price: $38.95
Comes with Dress, Apron, and Hair Bow
Price: $38.95
Comes with Dress, Apron, and Hair Bow
Price: $38.95
Comes with Dress, Apron, Hair Bow and Wig

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